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It seems that hell is kind of like a prison, where the Angels Egor is mentioning are the guards. Maybe when Egor passes into the spiritual realm God will make him into one of those Angels (a guard or sheriff).
Honestly, Andrew, that was pretty much the conclusion I came to after the experience. You really hit that on the head, because even now, I think about it and kind of daydream about being there. And it would fit with my travels in this life and my experiences. And these beings are not torturers, it's not like that. And I don't know if they ever even interact with the souls in the lake. Frankly, I think the lake of fire is a very lost place. But...that said, I shall have to do more astral travel and find out more.


Andrew66 wrote View Post
Egor, do you think Hertz has a demon?

He rambles obsessively, and is very sensitive and inflammatory.

JJ and I have been wondering whether it is a mental illness.. he may need help.

Hertz is also a fool.

I imagine him working at customer service at Hertz Van rental, well dressed and all polite and professional to the customers - but behind his screen he's on the Raving Atheist forum exhibiting his manic destructive thoughts. Kind of funny really.
Honestly, most of his stuff I just pass up and don't read unless I'm bored. He's been here for years and has always been the same. As for demon-possessed, I don't know. I don't think so. I think everything else you have said, though, is probably spot on.

hertz vanrental wrote View Post
I withdrew from the debate for several valid reasons.
No, he didn't. He's been pming me. He has this idea that if he debates me, I will have a heart attack and he doesn't want that on his conscience. It doesn't seem to matter what I say to him, and I'm pretty convinced he is really just trying to avoid debate.

He said flatly "God doesn't exist." I asked him how he knows that, and that's the last I've heard from him on the subject. He doesn't want to admit he was in error or back off to an agnostic position, because then that will prick his narcissistic sense of ego.

By the way, I am not ill. I am the type who will die eventually from heart disease, barring accidents. But hopefully in 30 years. Not tomorrow, and certainly not from words I read on a computer screen.

To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.
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