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Egor wrote View Post
No, I'm just saying you think you're mentally superior to religious people,
Once again, wrong.
You have never had a precognitive dream? Have you never had a lucid dream or out of body experience? Have you never experienced anything paranormal at all? Seriously?
Nope - had a couple of spectacular wet dreams in my teens, but no other screws loose in this git's head!
I wonder if there's a way to block your PMs without blocking you here in the forum. Maybe the mod can advise on that.
Nope, can't stop PMs - go to it Hertz - annoy the shit out of him!
No, they can't debate.
Perhaps 'they' see the futility of interaction with a vain, arrogant, self-centered, ego-heaped, snake oil salesman and choose to laugh from the terraces.
Their ability to argue philosophically ended with, ironically, the scientific discoveries of evolution and the big bang. Both were supposed to be major triumphs for atheism, but upon further reflection they both became arguments for a creator.
Only when you fools introduced a creator comfort blankie when reality became too hard to handle.
Since then, they have mostly just attacked religion
Quite right, and 'they'd' quite happily fuck off if you cunts kept your horseshit out of public life.
They have nothing. They're completely defeated. Which is kind of sad, because I like to debate
Perhaps if you didn't come across as such a complete jerk, more people may feel inclined to engage.

Stop the Holy See men!
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