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For the sole purpose of discovering the Higgs? Recreating the big bang or something? I'm guess i thought they built it cause all the small colliders couldn't operate in the correct ranges to discover the Higgs (the largest american collider can't go between 140-180 GeV i think).

Either way you need to read up on String theory before you make allegations that they aren't related in the least. String theory requires supersymmetry to be accepted. Assuming that it's true, the supersymmetric Standard Model can calculate the actual mass of the Higgs. Without String Theory or it's supersymmetry, the Standard Model alone cannot calculate the mass of the Higgs. Finding the Higgs supports the supersysmmetric Standard Model (because if we find it we'll be able to measure it's mass) in which case it supports supersymmetry and in turn String Theory.

If that's not good enough for you, we'll soon know if the 5 dimension is real or not. If it turns out to be real then several others (up to the 7th, or 8th dimension) will have a high probability of existing. At that point the 6th will all but confirmed.

There are a few scientists who have a theory that is out there, and hard to believe, on why there have been so many setbacks to the LHC project. Now whether you believe them or not, doesn't matter too much because their theory (they say) can be tested so soon we'll know if their theory is right and if it is it confirms the 5th. They'll test it and pass at which point every skeptic scientist will try to prove it wrong (as science works) or they'll fail in their test and then we'll know the answer.

Either way, the idea generally supported by CERN, because their spokesman confirmed this, and he has a bit of passion for M theory. So maybe not everyone supports M theory, or 10 dimensions, but the majority of CERN and others in the US, i'm sure, support the theory. And CERN is a large and highly regarded institution, since the US has invested in sending quite a few of our scientists to work with them.
By the way, I'm calling BULLSHIT on you.

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