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It has come to my attention that there are quite a few users with duplicate registrations. I understand quite a bit of it. You registered made a few post and maybe didn't like/want that username. I hope no one did so with the intent on deceiving other users. IP addresses are logged on the forum.

Ok, so what to do now?

I'd like to clean up all those unused names but if you have posts and I remove the username, the post will be removed also. Which kind of screws things up if someone replied to your posts. I'm working on a plan for moving, not removing, usernames with posts. Users can now be deleted without removing their posts.

Email me and I can remove the alternate username(s). I do need some form of confirmation. Either an email from that registered username's email or the password for the username.

If you don't like your username, I can change it for you! And if I do, as a courtesy you should let other users know your name changed.

Anywaste, email me for a better explanation if this situation applies to you or you'd like your name changed.

support [at]

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