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Sternwallow wrote:

"Cal, I hate to tell you this, but there are many people out there who are able to think who are not atheists. They know and understand the solid facts that we present. They think that facts are just stories we make up so we can cope with life. They think that their story is equally valid, being just a story after all, and theirs is better because it is more comfortable.

We have gotten some of them to admit that evolution is real and; like a scotty-dog magnet in a smooth table, will snap around from their claim that God made all the species and will admit that God ran evolution so it would create all of the species. When we educate them about the effects of variation in populations and the role of natural selection, they will say "Yes, isn't it wonderful how God guides nature to make His plan bear fruit".

Of course. Don't forget you are referring to ALL my family & many intellectual friends of mine. Don't you think I regret immensely ( I was so stupid, ignorant, retarded & dumb) not to have join the seminary after my altar boy days & gone to Rome?..after all I had met two Popes ( Nazi Pope PAcelli) & John XXIII ( Roncalli)

I should have abandon all critical healthy ( atheist) thinking & embraced the powerful NWO, controlling RCC. I could be a Cardinal, if not pope by now. I could be having my Penis-Christ LEGALLY adored. My excreta would be deemed sacred. I would eat out of gold dishes. I would wear silk & all kinds of priceless jewels..I would be living in Imperial Rome splendor. I would have access to the Vatican archives..even my farts would be deemed sacred spiritual emanations....and no telling what the inner circle young priests would think of my semen. They would probably want to ingested in SUPER SECRET ceremony. Proskinesis ( bow kissing my ring) would be given to me constantly, even if a mere Cardinal.

What am I today? A NOBODY, that have wasted his life been a mentally healthy atheist, able to see the truth. Specially with this economy ( thanks to piece of shit Christ-psychosis infected Bush) that makes me hope for customers. Makes me think SCREW sanity & honesty wishing I had joined the seminary & lived in that awesome museum that is Rome taken advantage of the ignorance of stupid people. After all the vast majority is infected with the illness. so WHY not take advantage of their PSYCHOSIS which can make one REMOVE their wealth stealing the morons blind?

Yup, every time I think about it...I just dream of what I could have been. Perhaps a Pope that could exist forever in the memory of so many for millennia. Who would remember Calpurnpiso even 10 yrs from now? Only my friends & family.

Oh well, I'll enjoy this body & wealth till bacteria takes over, then me joining them in true "life after death"

Christians and other folks infected with delusional beliefs think and reason like schizophrenics or temporal lobe epileptics. Their morality is dictated by an invisible friend called Jesus.
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