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Cal, I hate to tell you this, but there are many people out there who are able to think who are not atheists. They know and understand the solid facts that we present. They think that facts are just stories we make up so we can cope with life. They think that their story is equally valid, being just a story after all, and theirs is better because it is more comfortable.
No, the facts are equally available to all of us. The stories that go above and beyond the facts are not part of your heritage at all. We don't have a *better* story, we have a story.

Of course, you are very comfortable in your Gradgrindian philosophy and there's nothing wrong with that.

Sternwallow wrote View Post
We have gotten some of them to admit that evolution is real and; like a scotty-dog magnet in a smooth table, will snap around from their claim that God made all the species and will admit that God ran evolution so it would create all of the species. When we educate them about the effects of variation in populations and the role of natural selection, they will say "Yes, isn't it wonderful how God guides nature to make His plan bear fruit".
I was wrong. You do have a story after all. This idea that "we" atheists ( hang on I thought you weren't a community? ) are the only educators and proponents of evolution is laughable. Perhaps you can just about get that view to hold in the US, but even then it's tenuous at best.

As you note, us religious types will always go above and beyond the facts and look for the link to the meaning and purpose of life. We find it enriches our existence.
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