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..... I drank a bottle of ale made by Stone Brewing called "Ruination IPA", once. How can one ever pass that up, for at least one try? I wasn't all that happy with it; the hops were so astringent it reminded of a bar of soap, ....
Ahh, good ol' murrikan 'craft' brewing eh? The art of trying to get some sort of flavour into over-chilled fizz. Loads of bitter tasting hops or acidic fruits - hence the abundance of IPAs & fruit beers. The base beer is still pasteurised, filtered, gas infused, almost frozen keg swill, so the 'crafting' would be so much easier if the advertisers stopped telling the largely gullible consumers how they like their beer cold.

..... but then the Bud Light fans may realise just what piss they've been chugging for decades.

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