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1) God created vs the Big Bang / String
2) Which is most tested?
3) Which fares better in all testing?
Which then is the superior theory?

Both sides must answer every direct question with an intelligent scholarly answer, up to 5 questions per post may be asked.

Show me youre not the nutless morons you appear to be on every other thread I see here...
I think the author of this thread is speaking to the typical Atheist vs. Theist debate about origin's of the universe.

Some points.

Big Bang is consistent with the creation event described in Genesis, which is I believe part of the Mormon faith. In fact the Catholic church got all excited and happy when Big Bang science came out.. for this reason.

For this reason, this thread is respectfully complete bull shit.

The question for both theologeons and scientists to answer is what was the cause of big bang. I theist may answer God, and Scientist may answer a meriad of other natural theories. Both are for the most part hypothetical conjecture. That is where the debate lies. No one doubts the big bang.
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