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Hello you SmellyOldGit, well how can I be offended by a guy with a user name like yours and who also I presume is a fan of John Cleese! So instead of telling you what bus to get on I will apologise for being rude on this board if I have gone against the norms I am very sorry. I was really angry and needed to blow off some steam. I am an atheist since a small boy of about 11 years of age and have been mistreated by christians ever since. Today was another of those days and I was looking for a good argument in which I could insult some christians. If that is not what "raving atheists" do here then I am in the wrong place and ask once again for an answer to where I can find other people to commiserate with. Now I will try to see some other introductions to see how it should be done. Thanks for the heads up.
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