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Who Is Crazier? YECs or Holocaust Deniers

I'm seriously asking opinion here. I think Holocaust deniers are crazier. A YEC is someone who has been brainwashed since a young age (in most cases) to believe that the bible is a guide to everything, from science to moral behavior.
They look at science and accept anything that isn't contrary to the bible but then twist anything that contradicts the bible, to fit the bible. I'm not talking theistic evolutionists who twist the bible to fit science.
Holocaust denial is a different issue. I believe in most cases, that one dislikes Jews before they become a denier. It is more complicated that just disliking Jews. Deniers, like YECs have web sites they call conspiracy sites (anything that confirms the Holocaust, from actual video, to first hand testimony by both survivors and the actual nazis themselves, and they say things like the testimony at the Nuremberg trial was completely coerced). Meanwhile, they have their own sites which remind me of Fundy science sites, and they use the same techniques as well (partial quotes while ignoring mounds of evidence to the contrary).
I think this is most prevalent from those with Germanic ancestry as a psychological response to the possible humiliation that someone who many Germans historically didn't like (the Jews, and a lot of this had to do with the usual "Jews killed Christ Catholic thingy") wound up getting sympathy after the Germans were humiliated in the war. It has to do with the fact that Germans are a proud people, and the killing of Jews have given them a black eye in that department.
I think a normal response would be not to deny the Holocaust happened, I say that because as an atheist and as an ethnic/cultural Jew I often have the Bolshevik revolution and the deaths caused by atheists and/or atheist Jews thrown in my face.
My response is to disassociate myself from the people who committed the heinous crime against humanity realizing that Communism is an ideology (nothing to do with being an atheist or a Jew) and power corrupts.
But the last thing I'm going to do is say it didn't happen or try to rewrite the intentions of the people involved or question the amount of dead innocents.
I don't hold a grudge against the German people at all . I do hold a grudge against the deniers, but I think they have to be insane to go to the extent they do.

The reason I'm bringing this up is that I just joined a forum called The Liberty Forum (which is supposed to be a Libertarian forum HA), and I was attacked from every direction by Jew haters. From the Protocol bs to my support for Israel (ok I've been attacked here too on that one) to Jooooish control of the world to blatant Holocaust denial.
My introduction thread took on a life of its own. What I found really weird is that hardly anyone actually came to say the Holocaust is fact.
Here is a link to the Liberty Forum thread for anyone interested:
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