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I would also like to comment on the moon landing conspiracy theories. A few years back I was actually very intrigued by these conspiracy theories and I research the various arguments and theories.

The one thing that caught my eye and actually made me seriously evaluate whether or not these theories held water was the fact that the motive was there. If in fact the USA was nowhere near having the capability to land on the moon and get back safely, seeing how much political emphasis was put on this enterprise, it would not be unreasonable to assume that the USA would want to fake this event instead of being beaten by the Russians. The event would serve as propaganda to emphasis American dominance and American prosperity.

This is the reason why, before researching the topic, I did not believe one way or the other, despite that I knew that the common accepted view was that the USA in fact did land on the moon. I tried to remain objective and researched the topic.

I have since reached the conclusion that the USA did in fact land on the moon. As of today I have not read an argument which favours a conspiracy which has not been debunked using science and reason. The evidence that the USA actually landed on the moon is simply overwhelming.

This does not mean that you should believe what is commonly accepted without researching the topic your self, however.
Good points. But the real point here is that what if you did the same research and concluded that the moon landing was fake? I haven't researched it, but knowing what you read and saw in your quest for the truth, would you not have to be a little off the deep end to still conclude that the landing was fake?
See, the Holocaust deniers claim to do the research too but they deny anything that confirms the reality of the event, much like the YECs like Kent Hovind who has mounds of research that evolution is bunk.
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