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Hmmm....I'm curious, is coming on Raving Atheist forums and announcing you believe in God some sort of initiation thing theist groups do? Y'know, like being 'jumped' into a gang.

BTW, I think I remember now where I heard Egor's words before. They were often used to describe blacks in pre-Civil War America.
I think for some ambitious christian types they come here on a crusade. They want to convert us. What they don't do, of course, is discuss in the sense of exchanging opinions, attempting to persuade by offering facts and certainly never changing anything they already have decided is true. Their approach is to endlessly repeat mantras culled from their bible and appear oblivious to it being demostrated that their bible is: contradictory, brutal, savagely tyranical and reveals their god to be a monster.
They are deaf to new information and smugly satisfied with their belief in what is so obviously nonsense. The application of some ordinary common sense, never mind anything more demanding, makes that clear. They appear to lead narrow, bigotted and miserable lives and are always ready to condemn anyone who diverges from their impossible beliefs.

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