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To pretend that there is religious war is disingenuous, it's a culture war.

The west has repeatedly imposed on the middle east, created Israel, bombed, killed people of the middle east. You get a few nut cases who retaliate and it's "Islam is dangerous".

People will use whatever justification they want to and think whatever they want.
Take Islam away, and people from the middle east would be doing the same thing a they are doing now. I don't like what the nutcases do anymore than most here, however, Islam is not the cause. Pick your targets and get your head of the sanctimonious sand.
Hmm. I will agree with your first sentence, as long as you will admit that the culture is such that the religion is used as a justification for all the crazy acting out. I am not convinced that taking Islam away would make it better, since the history of the area has been wholesale homicide for MANY millenia before Islam.

In my personal estimation, the west should have kept their dicks out of the middle east after WW1, and let them all kill each other to their heart's content. The sticking (sliding?) point is oil. The ME has all the light sweet crude. Once it runs out, and that time is now short, the world will rely on other supplies, which are not in the ME. That is why many countries there are gearing up for tourism, like the ski tourist trap in the UAE. People with money will travel there for the original experience, and drop their money like stupid travel-monkeys. They should be thinking about what they are supporting, and shine that shit on. I go to the hardware store for nails and screws, and see that they are made in the ME. Now tell me why I should support an organization that supports the overthrow of the US and its allies? It is bad enough that we are buying their oil and its by-products just to end up supporting our own demise.

Edit to add- Since this is the "Jerry Thread", FUCK JERRY IN THE ASS WITH A RED HOT TIRE IRON.
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