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Proof is a slippery slope.

What level is satisfactory?.

Descartes got it right after all, the only thing anyone can truly know, know absolutely for sure is...


There are good reasons to suspect there may be a God.! Place your hope in one - !!
Oh, surely you've heard: The atheists have done away with Descartes axiom. You see, they think consciousness and brain activity are the same thing. I think they call it "identity theory."

What they say is that anything you think IS the biochemical/electrical activity of your brain. Hence it's an illusion, but with no one there to be illuded. It's a fancy way of saying the "you" you think you are does not exist--the feeling that you do exist IS the workings of the gelatinous neuro-mold within your skull.

It's actually a form of intellectual cowardice, and it would be the inane ramblings of a shopping-cart pushing schizophrenic, but it's the academic elite who are claiming it, the self-appointed creators of truth.

It's the same thing as saying: just because something obviously exists doesn't mean it does exist. Just because you think it is there doesn't mean there is a you to begin with. It's Winston being tortured into saying 4 fingers is really 5 (see 1984).

And it's airtight. There is no way to argue against it. It's un-falsifiable. It's their version of "God did it."

With that belief firmly in place, they could, without conscience (because they don't believe in conscience anyway), solve over-population by putting live people through massive meat grinders and feeding the ground beef to other people. Why wouldn't they? Who knows? Don't ask them--they claim they don't exist.

To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.
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