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I'm intrigued by your comment here Egor since in a previous post you claimed that what you claim is atheistic materialism / physicalism is unfalsifiable. Are you saying the what appear to perceive as dualism IS falsifiable / testable?
Absolutely testable, but not undeniable...well, not undeniable to an atheist. Why? Because atheists can deny anything--that's what they're good at. But I can show you strong scientific evidence (experiments you could do yourself actually, if you were so inclined) that animals can have consciousness without any neurology whatsoever. Which means that it is pretty clear that consciousness does not require a brain to exist, which means that it is highly reasonable to assume the death of a brain does not cease the consciousness affecting that brain.

That said, these experiments do not prove the existence of God. An incorporeal consciousness is not proof of God. There is no proof of God, there is only evidence and probability, even in the astral realm of the universe, God is no more present than here. In fact, the notion of God is less pursued there than it is here. It is actually less important. So, my assumption is that if there is a higher level of existence beyond the astral existence, God would even be less relevant. Ultimately, I suppose, if one were to dissolve into or fold back into Substance itself, there would be no God, because Substance, logically can't have a god.

This is why atheists can't defeat me. I know what God is. I know what the monistic Substance is. Or at least I know the idea of it and some of the implications of it. And what I know is that when your consciousness gets fine tuned enough to perceive it, you realize that God exists and does not exist at the same time. To us, God exists, but God is all there is, thus God can't have a God, thus God does not exist. I am perfectly fine with that paradox. I fully understand it.

So, what about Jesus? Yes! Absolutely! But Jesus and the Trinity are about this world. What Jesus means, and what the Holy Spirit means in the astral realm is different. It's not the "earth" project there anymore. It is the Kingdom of heaven and hell, and maybe some space that is neither. But of that place, it is really not written about much in the Gospels. We get an idea of it through parables, but in the Kingdom of Heaven comes after Christianity is completed.

Substance has attributes. One of those attributes, I believe, is Mind. A modality of Mind is Consciousness. Consciousness is what we think of as God, and I'm pretty sure it's what Jesus meant by "The Father." A modality of Consciousness is the human mind (and there are other kinds of modal minds like animals, insects, maybe aliens, what have you). But we are that modality of Consciousness.

When we draw close to it, we feel a "oneness" with people and a decrease in our ego identity, and may even feel a oneness with the universe itself, because the physical universe is a creation of Consciousness.

We really can't understand Substance--no one does. In truth, the Divine Attribute of Mind is incomprehensible to us because it is so vast, and it transcends Consciousness. We are limited modalities. We will only ever know Consciousness. Even in eternity, Consciousness will be our God, we can never go beyond that. If we were to meld into Consciousness completely, we would not exist as an modal mind. If Consciousness were to meld into the attribute of Mind, then there would be no conscious awareness of the physical or astral universe, thus neither would exist. And if by some way, Substance could irradiate its attribute of Mind, then there would be nothing, or at least nothing that could be comprehended or expressed in any way, and of that state of being, we have no conception.

I guess I better cut and paste all this for my notes. Maybe I'll write another book some day.

If you are able to "astral travel", why did you go to "hell" of all places?

I've read the buybull so I'm familiar with all the usual stuff but do tell. I'm interested in the finer details.
Oh, I love hell. It's one thing to go to hell, it's another thing to be "in" hell. The beings who reside there (again not the ones "in" hell) are advanced and loving. I saw them as angels, but they were all black, but the black had reflections on it so I could see their form, but there was no real source of light. It is darkness, but you don't need light to see. Strange. But I was walking through a canyon toward what I assume is the Lake of Fire, and I met several of these angels, and one of them handed me a gift. It was a glowing emerald, and it was the size of his palm. I have seen emeralds before, and I do like them, but this one emanated its own dim light. Very beautiful. It's hard to express.

What I call the Lake of Fire was off in the distance, but it is huge. It takes up the horizon, and it is glowing orange/red, but it's down deep. It's like you can walk up to the edge (which I didn't do) and you would look down into it, like a volcano. It's beautiful and awesome. And then I realized, I kind of like Hell. I mean if I go there when I die, I could be very happy with those beings. Of course, I wouldn't want to be "in" the lake of fire, but Hell itself, is as magnificent of place as anywhere.

Perhaps someone will say it's because I'm really being ruled by Satan, but that's not it. Hell is not evil. Hell is just Hell. There is no evil in hell, that's all thrown into the Lake of Fire. I remember feeling like I would hate to be one of the souls abandoned to the Lake of Fire. It's full of souls, lost souls. But I don't know what it's like in the Lake of Fire.

The beings are dark but not evil. They were welcoming and I felt loved by them, like a "wanted guest." I mean, they gave me a gift. I actually miss them.

So, what about heaven? I don't know. Jesus said in his Father's kingdom there are many mansions. One for everyone who follows him. Maybe mine is going to be in this place. Maybe that's why I was shown, or maybe I was shown it to tell me that I'm not going to the Lake of Fire--which I had been worried about. Who knows? But I will say this, when I was a small child, I was extremely fascinated with fire. I loved it. I still do. I suppose lots of boys do. But I think if I were given some destiny, some astral job in what I have called Hell. I think I could be quite happy with that mansion.

Again, and I really hope you get me stressing this point: There is a difference between Hell and being "in" Hell. The Kingdom of Hell is an awesome and magnificent kingdom, created by God the same as any other. Being "in" the Lake of Fire is not what anyone wants.

So, that was my experience.

You know, maybe I need to watch my terminology. Perhaps I have my geography wrong. Maybe Hell is that Lake of Fire, and the rest is the Kingdom of God. I suppose I'm still quite ignorant about it at this point.

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