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i hope you are a troll having a crack, or else you are simple a set of knicker skids. re growing amputee pain i ask of you. whatever next. why should it be painful. the actual point of this question is that god healing an amputee would be a miracle that would be proof of his existance, more than a question as to the reasons why he doesnt bother. as he doesnt exist though it doesnt fucking matter lol.
Because God did not program the brain to re-grow severed limbs because the way the body is designed, we would endure too much pain and suffering during the process.

God is not going to heal an amputee without pain and suffering just to prove his existence, because his omniscient mind knows unbelievers would say, "This is not proof of God, this is a natural event, or an illusion." Unbelievers will never be satisfied or convinced. You must search for God, he's not going search for you by healing amputees around the world. That's nonsense!
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