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Maybe the measurement is a type of the last construct of man that activates the arrival of the Ark in our today because of a future catastrophe that is about to happen that we know nothing off[sic].
Totally incoherent.
The 450ft long is the length of a 9 cycle, equal spaced periods of time called the Magnetar timeline. 7 cycles in the timeline is divided by seven, the last part being 45 days.
Silly, feet is a measure of length, not time. So your sentence is meaningless.
The guy who brings it on is Sevens signified by the 5 in each measurement of the Ark in length, depth and breadth, 555 and 7.
The 5 in any measurement discussed is a complete coincidence and in many cases is due to the approximation of cubits into feet.
The 4 in the measurement signifies the 4 mountains of God of the Magnetar cycles with an additional half making the Seventh part the Shabbes timeline which we are in now.
Of course 4 signifies nothing other than the count of some things. It specifically does not signify the mountains of God even if there happen to be 4 of them.

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