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Canada has its own right wingnut pundit, like Rush Limbaugh, whose rants are regularly fed to the masses via several major Dailys, of which only the right wing variety are left, er, should I have said still exist.
Michael Coren fancies himself a famous author, having written several not very original works aimed to appeal to a Catholic readership, thus ensuring book sales and support.
Michael has also enjoyed parading his homophobia, justifying it by pointing out such is part of Catholic teaching. As far as sinfulness goes, the masturbators are on equal footing with the homos, in the Catholic view. But, don't take my word for it, you can look it up in the Online Catholic Encyclopedia.
Yet, Michael's belief in Catholic dogma has never, to my knowledge, caused him to denounce masturbators!
Can we be sure that neither Michael nor his children have ever committed the grave sin of choking the chicken?
Recently, Michael wrote that he has had a bit of a rethink on the homo issue, although stopping short of actually apologizing, and reiterating his Catholic beliefs. What is surprising is that Michael is bi, no, not bisexual (that we know of), but bi-faithful. He claims to be both Jewish and Catholic.
One is rather suspicious of his new found acceptance of the gay crowd, and wonder if there is any connection to his loss of employment with the demise of Sun TV. Time to appeal to a different audience Michael?

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