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Well, you would be wrong there, sweetie pie. There are 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world. That would be a majority of Christians, ass face. And how many would there need to be for it to be creepy? As for transsubstantiation, I still don't see any of the fine theists on this forum calling this disgusting and creepy ritual disgusting and creepy. Oh, but ritual cannibalism is soooooooo much better. And the human sacrifice thing is quite reasonable, too! Well, you have certainly demonstrated your moral and rational superiority today!
Ghoul, you are such a Fuck-up. You're up there with Mondrian and his gambling joint when he had it. Flawed statistics. He would post several days with no "pick" couldn't do it; and then say he was so many in a row.
Dumb fuck.

So what if there are 1.2 billion Catholics. Why do you give a shit to what they do? 1/2 your board is your "incredible edible Jesus" with various stupid immature pics that a 5 year old could post. How many total Christians are there in the world? Do the math. Get back to me with an answer that is correct.

Pathetic sack.

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