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Egor wrote View Post
You're full of shit. That's all cut and paste. Because, if it's not, the alternative is downright bizarre. That is that a real MD would have the time or the inclination to type that in a ridiculous atheist forum in response to a question from a nurse that only required: nitroglycerin sublingual 0.4 mg.
I happen to be pre-nights, cunt and am due to be on ITU for the next 4 nights. Yes, that's right I am at least currently working in a clinical setting which is more than can be said for you.

Egor wrote View Post
You are no MD. You're a pretender. And I say that, because I cannot--I just can't--imagine the alternative. It would be too sad.
Why am I not surprised that you are incapable of imagining anything, especially if it exists in the real world. You said yourself that you have a simplified way of thinking )or was it just a simple mind) and fucking hell is that true.

Challenge: If you claim that I did a cut and paste job fucking prove it right now and show everyone where you think I cut and pasted this from...Go on...Otherwise, it is YOU who is full of shit. Prove it now or take it the fuck back.

Egor wrote View Post
Me? I'm waiting on a job, so I currently have time to sit here and do this BS. No MD would. Nor would they lower themselves to it.
Unemployed? I wonder why? If you truly believed that then you wouldn't have set up an what you thought was an unwinable task. What a pathetic manoeuver.
LOL this is EXACTLY your MO; "I want something to be true so it is. I'm going to try and make a test of something...but I will either ignore the result or find some other excuse to fucking whine like a little bitch."

And if the example you set up DID include a background of pulmonary hypertension (suggesting they were on a PDE5 inhibitor) then I'm fucking glad you are not working right now because giving them a fucking nitrate without even checking their blood pressure too could fucking crash their circulation you absolute dumbfuck.

You are no bloody nurse, or if you are, then you are most likely one who is currently out of work for a very good fucking reason; you are clinically dangerous.

Nitrates help a with reducing pre-load, sure but if but in the management of acute MI they are essentially just symptomatic treatment for chest pain. MI patients need anti-platelets and anti-coagulation before PCI period. This is received wisdom and currently clinical practice. I am unsurprised that you did not know this.

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