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Sure you do. You are a sock puppet of Chris, actually vice versa. I'm probably the last to know. But here's how I know (psychics are real good at collecting "hot information"). The owner is the first person--you. Chris. But there's been no traffic from any mods for a very long time, except you. There's almost no activity here at all, but the owner would not keep paying for the website unless they were still involved in it. So, you are the only "mod" still involved, thus you are the owner. Chris (and you're last name is on your website, idiot.).

A female. A liberal, Northwest female at that. So, you didn't vote for Trump I take it.
Says the dumb twat that thinks that he can travel on astral planes and go to hell and back, literally, and thinks that I've been a member for years - oh, almost forgot, and thinks god talks to him and writes a new gospel (praise de lard).

When one strings it all together, it's the man from wacko-ville alright.
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