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Ah, so you can make threats of grotesque physical violence, but you can’t even take the heat of being diss’d. I’d be appalled except I see physical cowards all the time. In the U.S. we’d call you a bitch. It’s why U.S. servicemen are always able to steal your women—even if only for a night when they’re TDY.

ooh, look at you all keyboard warrior and shit.
It wasn't a threat of grotesque physical violence, just a fervent wish.
So, is that it Eddy ? is that all you've got ?
Establishing you have no intellect, no sense of self, no wit, no bite and no backbone, kind of takes all the fun out of it.

I take it you were one of those US servicemen who kept getting turned down then . It must of really pissed you off, your first wife leaving and you not being able to get any.

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But as an atheist you should respect this, right? The better seed is essential for the evolution of the species. After all, we wouldn’t want your kind of cowardice to be passed on, now would we? Who would stand up to the lions and the bears and all that other natural selection stuff? You train dogs, right? Surely you know what I’m talking about.
What the fuck are you gibbering about you sad fucking knuckle dragger ?
"the better seed" The better seed dribbled down your mothers leg when daddy was finished dry humping her fucking arse.

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So, just remember, if I’m ever in Scotland on a speaking gig or something, I like breakfast in bed: coffee in the morning (not tea) and one of those jelly-belly doughnuts. Oh, and uh, whatever she likes.
Rest assured I will keep my eyes and ears open for that event. And I believe she likes painting shit fucking pictures, I'll bring a painting by numbers kit.....

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Religiously, I’m a Veridican. A Veridican is a type of Christian who believes that God is monistic in His nature and that the human purpose is to become Christ; Christ being God conscious of Himself from within His creation.
Again with this veridican vulcan mind meld bullshit, dude you were touting this make believe fucking hogwash back in '96. No fucker could work out what that deluded fucking shit meant then either. Give it up.

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I am willing to start a mature dialogue or debate on any of those topics.
You might be willing but you aren't fucking capable.

You slack-jawed, mouth breathing, fucking poe-faced dishonest spinless knob ended delusional cretinous twat.

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