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I'd just like to warn everyone to be careful what personal information you provide on this forum. The forum is searchable through google and cached. Do not post information that you do not want made available publicly, including your name, location, spouse, school, job, and never assume you are completely anonymous. I reserve the right to ban any user or remove any post, at any time.

Furthermore, I have worked in the internet industry since 1999. Information does get subpoenaed. However rare, it has happened to me and I have had to turn over all server records (this was a case involving a server I managed that may or may not of had child porn). I will make every effort within my power and the law to protect the rights of this forum's users. Especially your rights to free speech.

However, I cannot be responsible if your boss, spouse, friends, church or parents find you here and you have consequences to suffer. If you have made any posts that you feel are too revealing, feel free to contact me with a link to said post and I will edit it.

admin (at)

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