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Given the existence of the universe as we find it, the best explanation is to infer that a Supreme Being created it and sustains its existence.

Once we accept this, I believe we can speculate logically as to the character of this Being and derive the purpose of our lives and thus the best way to live our lives.

I define the Supreme Being as follows: God is the monistic entity of fundamental consciousness.
Holy fucking titty wanks Batman - this talented Poe has just out-Poed all previous Poes by multiple light-years!

Lets debate the existence of god - I'll start.

God exists. He is will & self awareness that existed before the universe, didnít create himself, is himself, is only himself and he made everything. Agreed?

Good, now I can make up whatever I want about him.

Reming me again why anyone should tortuously engage a brain cell with such a fucking waste of chromosomes.

Stop the Holy See men!
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