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You may recall this recent spreading of horseshit, which due to huge outcry saw the original exhibit amended to reflect something nearer the truth. Well, colour me shocked to learn that the toady Northern Irish gubbmint could well have been raking in some sweet back-handers from the cuntish Calebs to promote their wanked-off creationist propaganda.

"One of the released emails does suggest that under the current Minister, the Department of Enterprise tried to impose on the National Trust a requirement to include Creationism as a grant condition? Were any contractual obligations imposed upon the National Trust to meet the needs to creationist campaigners such as Caleb who openly admit to their DUP connections?
I'm sure the answer will be 'No, we don't take teh bribes' - but I reckon it's more likely to be another example of just how willing the cretinist christards are to push their fucked-up 'science' agenda into the public domain by foul means.

Stop the Holy See men!
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