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Right here:

At this point in time, it is probably safe to assume that you are not an honest person who is actually seeking knowledge.
ghoulslime, this is forth time I tell you that I am a serious and I am asking to get the logical answer not to have a fun or to push agenda!

You said that 'Birds / dinosaurs which protected their eggs and babies, had a better chance of producing offspring that lived to reproduce ....
Chickens that did take care of their eggs
You do only clear up my queston!
Just add why and how before your saying.


Again ....

Hen sits on eggs.
Simply answer 'because she would like to protect them and so on ....'
WOW!! She expects what will happen in the future! She knows that eggs will hatch ang get chicks!!
She does not know what will happen but she would like only to protect the eggs regardless they will hatch or not!!!

It is clear what excatly I need from my question and do you think that all of you answered my question?!
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