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Lily wrote
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Its also the fact that not everyone has their brains (Psychopaths) wired this way. Not only are they not altruistic, but they feel no negative feelings for the evil that they do. They have as much chance to get to heaven as a camel has of going through an eye of the needle, and its not entirely their fault because they were created this way at birth. I could be wrong, but is Christianity based on the premise that everyone has a fair chance to get to heaven or not?
Everyone does have a fair chance, although that is not the ideal way to put it, I don't suppose. If one's psyche is so damaged that it is not possible for one to recognize right and wrong, there can be no culpability. You (all) seem to have a notion of God that makes him little more than an ill-tempered curmudgeon of limited imagination and intelligence. Think big. Very big. Better, smarter, wiser, more compassionate, more attune to the complexities of the human condition than even, even... Richard Dawkins!
The problem is that such a god is not the god defined by Christianity, even the Roman Catholic form of Christianity. This is a deistic god, not a theistic god you are describing.

"It's puzzling that Eden is synonymous with paradise when, if you think about it at all, it's more like a maximum-security prison with twenty-four hour surveillance." -Ann Druyan
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