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SteveG wrote
Just Us Chickens wrote
The level of hate, bitterness, condescension, and superiority that comes across here is nearly toxic.
I really donít have anything to say to this other than
You're right
It is our way at times
I ask this most sincerely. Do you think that is a healthy thing?

Just Us Chickens wrote
You hit the nail on the head with this one.
I for one respect you primarily because you keep your temper and it speaks well of your character.
I really do appreciate your kind words. It hasn't gone unnoticed that you have been one of the few whose always been charitable to me, and I appreciate that as well.
Hey SteveG, it's nice to see you posting once again! :thumbsup:

How you doing, pal? I know we believe in total different things but your kindness towards me has always been in my heart. I salute you friend.

PS Keep debating my heathens friends, hehehe, .....they have fun debating you back, as you always do it with elegance and kindness.
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