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Lily wrote
Professor Chaos wrote
Now, let me look WAY back in time to...the last time I engaged Lily. Yesterday.

That, in fact, is almost always the way it goes down. With one caveat. She's usually far, far worse. That isn't the best example. Just the most recent.
I feel like I am looking in a fun house mirror. None of this makes any sense. What on earth can you possibly mean? What is wrong with what I wrote? I disagreed with you! Big deal.

Now, if by refuge, you mean that you want no theists here, say so. Ban us, if telling us that you don't want theists in your sanctuary isn't enough. But for heaven's sake stop whining about how hated you are. It is mostly in your own minds.

As for Just US Chickens What on earth do you mean? I disagree PC especially in our dealings with Lilly as she feeds the fires with her own hate bitterness condescension and superiority Nobody coming upon what I have written without presuppositions would find bitterness (about what?), hate (whom do I hate? What have I said that suggests that I hate anyone?) Condescension? Maybe-- superiority? What superiority? Obviously, I have a superior education in one way than others here. Is that the problem? If so, I don't get it. Choobus, loathsome as he goes out of his way to be, is certainly my superior in all sciences-- do I get my knickers in a twist about that? No, I read what he writes about science with real respect and, I hope, profit.

In other words, it would be cool if you would parse that sentence for me. Backing it up with examples would be really instructive.
If you can't see that your immediate choice of tone and words comes off as hateful, hateable, smug, condescending, and more, I don't know what to tell you. You're beyond hope in recognizing same.

I will grieve. Grief is not a theistic concept. ~ Sternwallow
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