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Just Us Chickens
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Lily wrote
As for Just US Chickens What on earth do you mean? I disagree PC especially in our dealings with Lilly as she feeds the fires with her own hate bitterness condescension and superiority Nobody coming upon what I have written without presuppositions would find bitterness (about what?), hate (whom do I hate? What have I said that suggests that I hate anyone?) Condescension? Maybe-- superiority? What superiority? Obviously, I have a superior education in one way than others here. Is that the problem? If so, I don't get it. Choobus, loathsome as he goes out of his way to be, is certainly my superior in all sciences-- do I get my knickers in a twist about that? No, I read what he writes about science with real respect and, I hope, profit.

In other words, it would be cool if you would parse that sentence for me. Backing it up with examples would be really instructive.
Lilly, perhaps its simply your writing style and you just come off that way. If so you have my apologies regardless of whether that is the case or not that is how you come across. I donít feel the need to go hunting down examples as you will simply disagree that your writings sound condescending etc.

In all honesty I value the fact that you disagree things are boring when we donít have anyone to debate I could care less about your level of education as long as you have something interesting to say. Like I said perhaps its just your writing style at times though especially when you are responding rudely (IMO) to someone who is trying to engage you in conversation I have a hard time believing that your written tone is unintentional.

Sorry if I've offended you but this is the way I see things.

Also it dosent make it OK or polite for the other posters to call you names it just dosent shock me when they do. Its still rude of them but then one should never expect manners in an internet forum. That just isnt the way things work
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