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Maybe the measurement is a type of the last construct of man that activates the arrival of the Ark in our today because of a future catastrophe that is about to happen that we know nothing off.

The 450ft long is the length of a 9 cycle, equal spaced periods of time called the Magnetar timeline. 7 cycles in the timeline is divided by seven, the last part being 45 days.

The guy who brings it on is Sevens signified by the 5 in each measurement of the Ark in length, depth and breadth, 555 and 7.

The 4 in the measurement signifies the 4 mountains of God of the Magnetar cycles with an additional half making the Seventh part the Shabbes timeline which we are in now.

It may signify the arrival of the ark and Judgment of those who mock and spurn in the beforehand.

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