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Welcome. May your stay here be all that you would want.

Please don't assume mary/jj is old. She actually is an old papist twat. I reckon that the old fart is in her lat 50s. In spite of this, android IQ 6 is fucking her up the ass because they are into things like that. Yes, I know. It's two-faced but that just about sums up a christard.

zombie boy could have gone to a hotel with some nails and asked them to put him up for the day, but no, he's so egocentric, he wants 'to be seen'.

Anyways, like I say, welcome.
Thanks Hertz! I'm back here after a year or so away. It's great to see that you are keeping the flame alive and I've been catching up and enjoying your posts.

I remember well JJand the Mary thing. It was very fun back in the day when the truth of he/she/it's gender fluidity was uncovered and outed. Lots of fun.

That said what I like about this site is that assholes of all stripe show up here.

There is a ton of great stuff in the threads. Someday I wanna go back and read them all. Hopefully it's still here. There used to be this dude named calpornpenis or something who had a great nut job theory and dressed up in Roman garb and shit. A dude named ghoulslime once posted pics of himself penetrating his gf. There was this one female member who only posted hilarious pics as responses to questions and she was really good at it. I remember when the dude that founded the site converted back to theist. And Choob. Haha. Lots of good times.
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