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Mind Control God Level

It's been a while since I last posted so I hope I haven't lost my touch and that the content here is all still as relevant as it always has been.

So I became aware of a news story the other day relating to the Philippines; a beautiful and interesting (if despotically run) country that is rife with deeply entrenched christ-babbling (and a sprinkling of jislamic mouth breathers for good measure).

They also have a fascinating ancient folklore that has become demonised by generations of christ-abuse (everything not from the invading, raping and pillaging good Spanish catlicks was of course evil).

This has led to a weird duality there as well as some of the most nakedly manipulative fear mongering human beings can produce:

Why in the fuck would a subversive so-called satanic cult actually go to the trouble of advertising their satanic subversiveness with symbols that everyone identifies with satanic cults?! Surely following this line of primitive thinking a simple "curse" should be enough right?...No symbols required...unless they're like a sort of power-up multiplier...I mean these crucifixes are tiny things...But I digress.

This is pure mind control of the powerful (and of course corrupt Cat-lick Bishop's Conference of the Philippines.

How better to scaremonger your submissive mind-controlled slaves than to utterly manufacture a bogus story that is obvious to all except the critical unbeliever.


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