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Rhinoqulous wrote
Short Answer: I'm fine with the possibility of replacing the brain with an "artificial construct", as I see personal identity as an emergant from our brains "software" rather than it's "hardware".

Long Answer: No long answer for right now. It's a holiday for me! I'm on my sixth beer, and it's getting hard to hold a train of thought (not to mention typing)!
:lol: Fair enough. Enjoy your day.

When you have a chance, though, where do you get the idea that there is anything even comparable to software in the human brain? I mean, it seems reasonable enough to make the assumption based off our conception of computing, but it's still an assumption as I see it. Neurons are capable of changing their synapses, so drawing a direct parallel would seem fallacious. Where would the programming even come from? Where would it reside? Couldn't that be changed just as easily?
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