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Bighead wrote
Rhinoqulous wrote
Short Answer: I'm fine with the possibility of replacing the brain with an "artificial construct", as I see personal identity as an emergant from our brains "software" rather than it's "hardware".
Then how do you explain how people who experience some traumatic brain damage, can recover completely but with completely different personalities?
Not a jab, but a serious question.
Ow. Hurts to type. Yeah, I'm calling into work with a dead grandma today.

I should have written "drunk answer" instead of "short answer".

I've read studies of people recovering from brain trauma not only displaying different personalities, but when the hemispheres of the brain are separated, under laboratory conditions each hemisphere displays a separate consciousness. I'll have to go dig out my cognitive psych book to find the study, but I'll do that later. I'm going to lie down for a while first.

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