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Xans wrote
myst7426 wrote
What the hell is a cosmo-evolutionist? Oh wait, they only exist in the theists mind.
"Cosmo" short for cosmos meaning the universe. Evolutionist meaning one who asserts that a thing evolves. Evolve meaning to develop gradually. A "cosmo-evolutionist" is one who asserts the universe developed gradually. A bio-evolutionist is one who asserts life developed gradually. People who assert the universe developed gradually exist. There is no good reason for atheists to be intentionally obtuse on this matter as if you can't understand what "cosmo-evolution" means.
Please cite a cosmo-evolutionist Xans. Example: "Cosmo-evolutionist, Joe Blow, offers this explanation..."
Offer an explanation on how the universe developed gradually and I'll cite you as a cosmo-evolutionist.
While you are at it, look up the definition of evolution from a scientific dictionary. It has nothing to do with planets.

Cosmos means universe. Evolve means develop gradually. Cosmic evolution is the universe developing gradually.
Even though you insist on using words in ways that are not shared with normally literate people, I think we can push through this symantic barrier.

Many things change over time, galaxies, mountains, rivers, trees, bacteria and man. There is an important difference between the changes in non-living things and living things. It is that there is replication of living things which gives rise to the accumulation of beneficial variations. When discussing living things, then, we distinguish their kind of change as the Theory of Evolution or just Evolution. A mountain, being worn down by the rain, cannot spawn a new mountain slightly better able to withstand erosion.

So, for our immediate discussion, I can accept your term "cosmo-evolutionist" as one who has evidence that the cosmos has changed and does change over time. Further that the term "evolution" in your unique sense means nothing but change while "Evolution" means the morphological change in organisms due to variation and selection under environmental pressure.

Having established this specialized glossary, do you have evidence that the cosmos is less than, say, 100,000,000 years old? Do you deny that 90% or more of the species that ever existed are now extinct? What is your objection to there being a series of chemical reactions leading from complex organic chemicals (known to exist in nature and able to be synthesized from inorganics and carbon) to a replicating chemical?

Are you prepared to deal with "evolution"(change) in parts of the universe as not the same as "Evolution" (replication/variation/selection) of lifeforms?

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