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Barbour's book is interesting, he presents a "timeless" universe, which can be pictured using a tool of geometry. Take a triangle, and divide the interior into a series of points, with each point representing the lengths of the respective sides of a triangle. Points closer to one side represent longer lengths of that side of a triangle, and the center point is an equilateral triangle. Now replace "triangle lengths" with "universe configurations" and you have Barbour's theory. Each point is a possible configuration of space/time, and "history" is a particular path along these points.

Now, the biggest problem I had with this is two-fold. First, he doesn't "remove" time as he claims, he still lacks an adequate explanation for why time is experienced. Second, he's assuming an Archimedean (sp?) point of reference that is impossible (unless Barbour grants there are these "triangle-maps" for every possible point-of-reference, which seems ontologically sloppy).

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