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Why won't God heal amputees?

I found a website that asks, "Why won't God heal amputees," and here is my answer.

FWD: To whom it may concern,

The process of regrowing a severed limb would be much too painful for
the human mind. The amputee would suffer major shock and trauma during this process, and would probably die or suffer a massive heart-attack. This is why God won't heal amputees. Does God hate amputees, does he single them out, or is it a cruel test of faith? Certainly not, he is avoiding a great deal of pain and suffering by not healing them. When we hear of God curing cancer and many other illnesses, we know he is healing the pain and suffering, not causing it.

Now you may ask, "Why an omnipotent God can't heal an amputee without pain and suffering?" Good question, and here's my answer; God is not going to prove his existence by healing amputees without the pain and suffering it would take to regrow a severed limb. The process would take months, maybe years! Many years of agonizing pain and suffering.. It wouldn't be worth it! You would scream in pain for the process to stop!

> God is glorious!
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