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You have no way of knowing if the regeneration of a limb would cause more pain. You have no frame of reference to base this assumption on. Skin cells regenerate constantly, as well as many of the cells in your internal organs. Bones mend using basically the same process. Were you to get a cut on your finger, a scab would form to protect the new skin while it regenerates and prevent further infection. Do you go through an excruciating amount of pain when a cut is mending? I doubt it.

This is obviously a fake post. No one can possibly be this abso-fucking-lutely obtuse, retarded, insane, illogical, and ignorant.

P.S. There are several species on the planet that regenerate lost limbs at great cost to their energy intake and survival needs. If it were incredibly painful, why would they continue to regrow it? What makes their brain any more capable than ours to deal with this supposed agony?

P.S.S. Your god can't honestly think he's sparing an amputee the suffering of regrowing a limb, that you claim would be incredibly painful, when he allows myriad sufferings to be so commonplace in the rest of the world. Face it, he's not real.
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