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Hi Davin

Firstly I'm in agreement with you that there is no compelling evidence that a God (i.e. personal creator of our universe who offers us a means to afterlife salvation) of any sort exists, and it thereby takes a leap of faith to believe (or even just hope) that any sort of God exists.

For the sake of argument (assuming God's existence), the basis of determining the qualities of God comes from another leap of faith that such God revealed himself to humanity.
You are now leaning on bullshit to the power of two.

Andrew66 wrote
So we (as a best guess) turn our attention to the reveared historical documents where claims about God, based on alleged revelations from God (written as non-fiction) have been recorded throughout history.
And now you're into bulshit to the power of three.

The farther away you get from evidence, the more bullshit you create. Right now, the foundation, ground floor and second floor of your argument is non-existent. Don't build more floors on nothing and expect to be taken seriously.

Andrew66 wrote
[Argument from authority and popularity (fallacies)]
Andrew66 wrote
Both Islam and Christianity state that a condition of having favor with God - such as to inherit a desirable afterlife - is a Belief in such God. I am not aware of any teachings (accept the holy scriptures of Davin with the Raving Atheist Forum), which ever suggest a God would favor individuals who were Atheists.
Of course religions wouldn't support an idea people not in the religion are better off than they, that's like Burger King telling all their customers to eat at McDonald's because the food is better.

Also, the word you need to use is "except" not "accept." Unless you accept my holy scripture as true.

Andrew66 wrote
So in Summary

1) A belief in God's existence - based on the writings of reveared religious historical documents with high impact factor yields -> desirable afterlife.2) A disbelief in God existence - based on the writings of reveared religious historical docuemtns with high impact factor -> no desirable afterlife.
3) A mere hope that God exists - based on the writings of reveared religious historical docuements with high impact factor -> maybe desirable afterlife.
Only for a few relatively young and recent religions.

Andrew66 wrote
That's why I'd like to look into the original Hebrew and Greek words of the Torah and new Testiment documents (reveared documents with high impact factor) which have been translated in English to match the term "believe" to see if Hope may be within the scope of those words.
Why these religions in particular? There are religions that are both older and lasted longer and there are religions that are newer and growing faster.

In the end, you can't rule out that there might be a god that will punish you for hoping and/or believing in a god or gods that made some people write a bunch of bullshit as a test to ensure that no gullible people make it to the afterlife.

Always question all authorities because the authority you don't question is the most dangerous... except me, never question me.
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