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That's why this whole discussion isn't really honest: the purported rewards and punishments are much more likely to have been the result of rigging the system rather than real investigation or rational thought.

What you call revered religious historical documents are simply a smoke screen to hide this plain fact: you can control people by playing on their fears and superstitions and nothing is as effective as religion.
I agree, if I understand you - that a reason certain religions may have had such a tremendously large impact factor is because the stories and promisses (or threats) they teach have a strong memetic (or reproducing) quality. This point was well discussed in Dawkin's book the God Delusion in explaining why Christianity (which proports a fear of hell, promise of heaven) has flourished, survived and remains taught to so many.

I'm not arguing anymore that belief in religion is rationale! All I'm saying is why not HOPE? If nothing else, it dimishes the sting and fear of death.
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