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You're not going to win over anyone here by using fallacies, and it just makes you look crazy to use fallacies, knowing that they're fallacies and still act like your statements are useful.
I think you are arguing with a straw man, I am not trying to "win over anyone" (in so far as to promote that a belief in God is a rationale prosepct).
You keep using the word "rationale." I thought the first one or two times it was just a typo, but now it seems that you're really just using the wrong word. The word you should be using in this context is "rational" not "rationale." If you're not here to persuade anyone, then why the fuck are you here presenting this shit?

You came here and presented your beliefs unsolicited, and now are acting like you're not here to persuade anyone. Either you're ignorant or dishonest. Ignorant in that you think that going around preaching your ideas to people who never asked you to shows that you do want to change people's minds or you want to change people's minds and you just lied to me.

Andrew66 wrote
I am arguing that the existence in God (plus a promissed afterlife) to a rationally minded person cannot be believed, but only hoped for.

If you cannot rule out a God's (plus promissed afterlife's) existence with 100% certainty, than you should have no quarrel with a man for just hoping God's existence to be true, can you?
If you cannot rule out a god's (plus promised punishment of people for hoping/believing in a god or gods), existence with 100% certainty, then you should not be telling people to take that risk.

I don't give a fuck what a person believes in, if they keep it to themselves it doesn't bother me at all. If I asked about what they believe then I also wouldn't care. If the person merely hoped or even believed in a god or gods, I have no quarrel with him/her, that's not what's happening here though, is it? No. What is happening is that you're trying to convince other people that merely hoping in a god or gods so that one doesn't go to hell is a rational position. It's not. And you're not going to convince any one that it is a rational position if you keep using fallacies.

Always question all authorities because the authority you don't question is the most dangerous... except me, never question me.
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