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Hi Everyone

What shitty Atheists you are, not one of you has proclaimed my statements represent a God of the Gaps Argument.

Maybe I wrote it to sciency so it bored you all and you didn't even read it? Clearly from your comments none of you are critical thinkers or scientists!!!!!

One things I'll say, just because in the past scientists have suggested that a God must exist in explanation of a difficult observation or problem (in this case the Explanation of the Universe) and were later proven wrong, that doesn't mean that future Gap or Gaps yet unsolved must follow the same result.

As long as their are Gaps in science where God can reside, there can and will be faith.

By the way, for those of you who read the first post, another possibility I suppose is the Physical Existence doesn't really exist!!

Maybe all there is an un-embodied consciousness world (aka spirit world) and we are living in a dream like state. I suppose this would support Theism more so than naturalism. Gee, most of the possibilities support Theism over Naturalism!
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