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False dichotomy. You forgot the option that everybody here thinks you're a cunt and couldn't be bothered with your continued spewing of retarded wank.
Also, you may have noticed nobody paid attention to your earlier fallacious Argumentum ad Populum, and endless Arguments from Incredulity.
Come up with something original & worthwhile and you may get serious responses - till then, fuck off.
HaHa I gave a lot more than two options, and you think its a "dichotomy". What a fucking retard you are!!

Argumentum ad populum - eeeewwww latin, your so smart

R u talking about the Evidence for Jesus's resurrection argument, because the historic pieces leading to the conclusion are is based on acceptence from a majority of Historical Scholarship?

You are so fucking stoopid its hard to believe.

In science (have you heard of that?) - where the science leads to policy statements which become adopted, scientists get together and make what are called consensus statements. There will always be a stoopid outliers who object, so it is majority rule. The public who adopts and benefits from scientific consensus statements (often in medicine) don't cry "argumenum ad populum" and go with the outlier's views - often in fact it becomes illegal to do so.

Go wank yourself off, that is all your good for - your mind and comments are shit.
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