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It would be awesome if the other threads were more active.

Smelly was right to confine him to one thread. Can you imagine how annoying it would be to have that turd trolling the whole forum?

Praise be to Mod!
With the advent of your good self, Humble Beauty and the return of Hobotronic, I believe the dynamic of the forum is changing and moving on.

Piss pads has now become superfluous to requirements. The forum is looking to move on without her. It's already happening. She is mono-dimensional and pretty dumb, it has to be said. She can quote scripture and threaten us with hell but that's the extent of her repertoire. She has NOTHING ELSE to give.

What puzzles me is that she knows so little of christardology, a subject which, she claims, is close to her heart. There again, if she did, she probably wouldn't be a christardologist. She'd be Atheist.

She functioned as a chew stick for a while but the forum has outgrown that function.

And so, as christardology sinks slowly in the West, it's time to say goodbye to our little piss pads.

Do I sound like a fuckin' people person?

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