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JerryJohn wrote View Post
Bunny Hertz,

Have you seen the commercial with the Energizer Bunny they use to advertise Energizer batteries in North America?

You remind me of that bunny in the commercial.
(From Wikipedia "The Energizer Bunny is promoted as being able to continue operating indefinitely.")

The Energizer bunny can "keep going and going" just like you Hertz.

It can march around forever with it's drum, eyeglasses and sandals (of course with Energizer batteries in it, thus the commercial of course.)

Do you have Energizer Batteries implanted in your ass or somewhere else? I'm wondering if that is why you can post and post and post like a frenzied madman. (Read "Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe for a glimpse into the mind of one who is like a madman or severely mentally ill as they now see it)

Or are you off your Lithium you naughty Hertz so your manic episodes are out of control as you keep posting frequent posts with adolescent words like fuck, cunt, etc etc etc ad immaturum.

I Hope you get evaluated and treated soon by a psychiatrist of get in touch with him/her if you already have one for I'm getting concerned about you Hertz. It's my thought as a Christian man I should tell you that truly your posts are concerning and I hope your mental health will be addressed.

Regards and take it easy pal,


Wanking in sterio now are we?

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