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JJ, you are spreading the Word like wild fire! Well done. The Holy Spirit has ignited you!

God Bless, your missionary work here will be noted in the here in after!
Thank you. I appreciate being on this forum and the sincere replies I have received lately. At the beginning of of my posting years I fell into the Raving Atheist Forum language with "fuck offs" etc. You know the "lingo" and that just begot a plethora of the same type of responses.

That said, crude language does not bother me, the "cunt" etc its par for the course here. I had become accustomed to it although I haven't see as much of it lately.

You too are spreading the Word like wild fire and I appreciate your posts on the forum. Often times you have a way with words that just isn't my norm/style for posting. I think it helps to have two Christians posting with sometimes a better analogy on your part to a language that might be more effective in answering questions.

I really post here so I can learn how atheists think and why. I also answer the questions the best I can.

God Bless,

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