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I think this forum is certainly more active when there are people disagreeing with each other.

What does the word "socialism" mean now? Is it when workers control the means of production? Because that doesn't seem to be what it means in the US anymore. It seems like it can mean anything and therefore, it means nothing.
Here in the US (I'm in California) conservative people seem to think that any kind of government is "socialism". It cracks me up, because I get these strange looks and the conversation dies out when I ask if

-They are on Social Security (most are, like me, retired, so yes)
-They depend on police and fire in an emergency
-The like the roads to be passable

They say crap about "liberals" without even realizing what they are saying. Drives me nuts. Then again, I haven't voted for a Republican in a long time. I was registered R up until last September, when I renewed my driver's license. I just never got around to changing it from when I chose a party, 49 years ago. One of the guys in my wood carving class and I went to lunch week before last, and he said something about voting D, and I told him about my switch. He came up with some comment about how we couldn't be friends anymore, but then backed off. People take their politics to the point of, "Either you're for me, or against me". I've known this guy for 3 years, and was kind of surprised at his vehemence. We get along pretty well, and have several common interests. Strange.
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