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The notion that there is any 17 year old in this country that doesn't know how to have "safe sex" is preposterous. Can you really believe that neither one of the two in question here knows about condoms and all the rest? Seriously, you all have got to get past this positively antiquated notion that teenagers don't know how to avoid pregnancy. They do. The question you have to ask is why they don't do what adults and the surrounding culture have been pounding into them since the day they were born.

It is a question with very interesting answers.
HMMMM - I seem to recall when my children were young, their friends indeed knew about safe sex; however, because of their parent’s views, they were afraid to get caught purchasing condoms. So you tell me, where did that leave these kids? I mean we live in a rural area, unless they traveled at least 25 miles away, everyone knew them.

I got so tired of this self-righteous group that thought just because they believed in abstinence that their children would abide, that I purchased condoms and put out the word that they could come to me if they needed condoms. The only condition was that we had a discussion on sex.

Needless to say - the parents tried to lynch me - and to keep their children away from me - until of course that word began to spread that a few local teenagers were infected with HIV; then the narrow minded people - like you - adjusted their attitudes - expressing their phony gratitude to me for my foresight which inadvertently saved their children.

The point I was attempting to make prior is not that teenagers know about safe sex practices – but what narrow mindedness can do to our teenagers
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