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If you go too far "atheist" in your positions,, such as to be a heretic against what is almost unanimously agreed to among historians (including atheist and agnostic historians) - you loose your credibility my friend.

Jesus almost for certain existed. He was a religious minded statesman - who gained some political power - and was crucified.

If you want a good perspective on historical truth, I recommend reading Bart Erhman's works.

Satan Bless!
Try reading Carrier et al. You will then see that there is absolutely no evidence that zombie boy jebus ever existed.

Also, try using some common sense. OK. So some twat wanders through Galilee and Jerusalem and starts turning water into wine. Do you realise how important wine was to the Romans? Do you realise how commercially valuable this ability would be? If this really happened, do you really believe that the Romans would simple let the twat continue to roam free, especially as he, apparently, also had the ability to cure all manner of medical issues simply by touching the person? Most likely, if this were the case, jebus would have been whisked off to Rome to laze out his days at the pleasure of the Emperor. He wasn't. Why?

Also, the Romans were one of the most anally-retentive civilisations ever to walk the planet. They documented anything and everything including household accounts and recipes. Do you think for one minute that zombie boy jebus had a D-Notice slapped on him by his dad? If zombie boy really did exist, there would have been a mountain written about him during his lifetime and we would have found it. Yet, the Romans wrote NOTHING about zombie boy during his supposed lifetime. Now why do you suppose that is?

Why is it that we believe zombie boy existed? Because, in the past, if we didn't, the fuckin' church would have us put to death.

So, before you come out with your bleedin' zombie bot existence shit, do your fuckin' homework and switch your brain on.

Do I sound like a fuckin' people person?
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